You had access to each and every patient’s complete record in real time…a record which alerted you to the status of adherence to therapeutic protocols, up-to-the-minute state of your chronic disease management efforts, cohort costs of care, self-directed population health analytics based on current encounters, and much more?

Outcome improvement could be measured and managed as never before with the increased capacity and knowledge now available to care teams and administrators. Our customers obtain improved results and we would like to talk to you about how we can help…contact us today!






We’ve been providing Health technology solutions around the globe since 2004 and currently have over 1200 clinician users and thousands of administrative users, now process over 1 million transactions per day, and have processed more than 1 billion transactions. Each transaction is focused on the intelligence needed to provide information that will aid in improving health outcomes and healthcare delivery

There is no miracle cure in the pipeline.

Health informatics is the penicillin of our generation.







Populus is designed to serve clinicians in a collaborative care setting with software that combines capacity strengthening, enlightened licensing structure, and the best of open source and leading edge technology. Highly intuitive, user-friendly, and totally turnkey, Populus software enables accurate and efficient single-instance data capture to data mining, empowering clinicians with the critical information they need, when they need it. Processing over one million transactions per day and seamlessly linking multiple healthcare settings, Populus helps doctors deliver better, safer, and more efficient care.


Market information confirms that a majority of health providers and organizations are unhappy with their current health information systems, and are challenged with using these last-generation tools to provide measurement, management, and value. Does your current health IT system respond to YOUR needs for care and payment, as well as reporting and analytics? Has the idea of transition to a current and far-reaching solution seemed daunting, yet is needed? Contact us today for a demo and discussion on how we can help!

Proven Outcomes


Empowering Clinicians to Achieve More


Populus utilizes a best-in-class, interoperable data structure that supports collaborative care. Ideal for program-specific environments, it enables accurate and easy data collection combined with self-directed analytics, giving doctors and clinicians endless opportunities to shape and use vital data toward better health outcomes.

Whether you’re operating a medical clinic or a network of clinics/hospitals, our solution allows you to choose the elements that best suits your practice, click here to learn more.

Also, be sure to watch our film below and see what Populus Plus can do for your health delivery organization or practice!




Universal Healthcare Solutions

Scalable from GP’s to Nations


While many organisations offer services in population health, Populus offers clear evidence that health care providers can improve the health of large populations, even entire nations. Using Populus technology the government of Belize successfully transformed the health profile of their population such as reducing the impact of hypertension from 1st cause of death in 2003 to 9th by 2010.
Populus enables health care organisations the unparalleled capability to move from encounter level data collection to population health all within a single system.



















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