the global healthcare crisis could be solved
with one simple, human equation?
One doctor plus one patient.
One encounter at a time.
It’s an equation we can all take responsibility for
and it’s at the heart of global healthcare reform.




Populus Global Solutions is a Canadian technology company dedicated to helping organizations create
better health outcomes. After delivering the world’s first and best, fully integrated National
Health Information System (iHIS), Populus has worked relentlessly to challenge the status
quo. Around the world, we deliver accessible, affordable and sustainable healthcare systems
that help save lives, save money, and strengthen the healthcare of nations.


There is no miracle cure in the pipeline.

Health informatics is the penicillin of our generation.







Populus platforms are designed to serve clinicians in a collaborative care setting with software that combines capacity strengthening, enlightened licensing structure, and the best of open source and leading edge technology. Highly intuitive, user-friendly, and totally turnkey, Populus software enables accurate and efficient single-instance data capture to data mining, empowering clinicians with the critical information they need, when they need it. Processing over one million transactions per day and seamlessly linking multiple healthcare settings, Populus helps doctors deliver better, safer, and more efficient care.


    The Populus Electronic Health Record (EHR) enables patient data to be gathered and shared by various healthcare organizations and healthcare providers.


    The Populus Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a digital version of paper charts found in your Clinician’s office.


    The Populus Admission/Discharge/Transfer features seamlessly interoperate with the Populus Electronic Medical Record (EMR).


    Our Computerized Provider Order Entry module, also referred to as Clinician Order Entry is used to create, dispense, cancel, and administer prescriptions.

  • SchedulingScheduling

    The Scheduling module allows clinicians to schedule patients for appointments and follow-ups.

  • EMRSupply Chain Management

    Populus Supply Chain Management (SCM) manages the inventory of pharmaceuticals, medical, and non-medical supplies at a facility, region or national level.

  • Reportable Diseases and EventsReportable Diseases and Events

    This functionality provides a means to capture and communicate reportable diseases and events. On screen alerts and messages are automatically triggered to a preconfigured distribution list.

  • LABLaboratory

    Our Laboratory functionality is integrated with our Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Health Record and enables clinicians to order tests, receive notifications, and view both new and previous results.

  • FINFinance

    Our Finance functionality enables clinicians to track the cost and price of: ward charges, lab tests, services, interventions, pharmaceuticals, and other consumables connected to patient care.

  • HRHuman Resources

    Our Human Resources (HR) functionality records the complete set of health sector jobs and job placements. It manages the role-based permissions that drive our product.

  • Vital StatsVital Statistics

    Populus gathers data live at the time of the event. Events such as births and cause of death can be recorded, analyzed and reported on.

  • ReportingReporting

    Choose from a wide variety of prebuilt reports to effectively measure interactions within our EMR and EHR. Reports range from patients to pharmaceutical inventory expiration reports.


    Among the most common patient-provider interactions are antenatal, perinatal, postnatal, and well-child visits. Populus Maternal Newborn and Child Health captures details specific to these common encounters.


    Populus HIV/AIDS Support captures data collected during pre-test counseling, post-testing counseling, and ongoing patient monitoring. It also records configurable client risk factors.

  • Hepatitis CHepatitis C

    Populus Hepatitis C Support provides comprehensive screening and risk assessment tools, including sociodemographic profiles, medical and surgical history, emotional assessment and more.

  • Chronic DiseaseChronic Disease

    Non-communicable chronic disease including diabetes and hypertension. Populus NCD Support complements intake risk factor profiles and treatment protocols with ongoing longitudinal tracking.


Health and Hospital Systems

Improving the Health of Nations


Used by virtually all major international aid and financial institutions (including the World Bank and World Health Organization), Populus Global is the only iHIS software proven to bring together and integrate a country’s personal healthcare records into one seamless and cost-effective system. With already a string of successful national implementation projects for countries like Belize, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, and Barbados the future of global healthcare is looking brighter each day.


Click on our proven outcomes below to see how we’ve empowered entire nations to save lives, save money, and strengthen their healthcare.

Proven Outcomes


EMR Based Ambulatory Care

Empowering Clinicians to Achieve More


The Populus Plus EMR is a best-in-class, interoperable data structure that supports collaborative care. Ideal for program-specific environments, it enables accurate and easy data collection combined with self-directed analytics, giving doctors and clinicians endless opportunities to shape and use vital data toward better health outcomes.

Whether you’re operating a medical clinic or a network of clinics/hospitals, our solution allows you to choose the elements that best suits your practice, click here to learn more.

Also, be sure to watch our film below and see what Populus Plus can do for your practice!




Universal Healthcare Solutions

Scalable from GP’s to Nations


While many organisations offer services in population health, Populus offers clear evidence that health care providers can improve the health of large populations, even entire nations. Using Populus technology the government of Belize successfully transformed the health profile of their population such as reducing the impact of hypertension from 1st cause of death in 2003 to 9th by 2010.
Populus enables health care organisations the unparalleled capability to move from encounter level data collection to population health all within a single system.


















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