Populus Plus


EHR Based Ambulatory Care

Empowering Clinicians to Achieve More

Recognizing the need for reform at the individual practice level, the Populus Plus EHR platform was designed to give doctors and clinicians the tools and information they need to improve population health at the practice level, one patient at a time. The Populus Plus EHR is a best-in-class, interoperable data structure that supports collaborative care. Ideal for program-specific environments, it enables accurate and easy data collection combined with self-directed analytics, giving doctors and clinicians endless opportunities to shape and use vital data toward better health outcomes.

Our application can be integrated with other systems, such as External Lab Interface/Lab Information System vendors through proprietary formats, and was designed with HL7 interoperability in mind. The Populus application is usable on devices with a web browser including mobile devices and tablets.

Whether you’re operating a medical clinic or a network of clinics/hospitals, our solution allows you to choose the elements that best suits your practice.

Learn more about the Populus Plus products and services by watching our below film. If you have questions, please contact us, our experts are always available to answer your questions and to speak to you about customizing a solution for your needs.




Product Features

Populus Plus is one of the world’s most proven EHR programs for effectiveness, security, and ease of use, while functioning optimally under even the most extreme environmental circumstances. A particularly powerful tool for team-centered care, Populus Plus is also one of the most cost-effective EHR platforms available.

Simple Startup: Designed to Serve Clinicians

Easy to try: Contact us for a trial
Easy to subscribe: It only takes one phone call
Easy to deploy: Role-based access control
Easy to adopt: Over 90% user adoption rate
Easy to train: Be up and running in 3 hours
Easy to measure: Prebuilt reporting options

Self-Directed Analytics: For Disease Management and Return on Investment

Individual patient care
Population health
Disease management
Health economics
Chart reviews

Exceedingly Accessible: At Your Service Anytime, Anywhere

Cross-platform and mobile: PC, Apple, Android, Blackberry
Ideal for program-specific environments: Hep C, HIV, Diabetes, and more
Share data among teams: Doctors, nurses, specialists, Allied Health, industry, researchers, administrators, etc.
Share across different healthcare settings: Inpatient, outpatient, emergency, laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy

Efficient Collection: Totally Turnkey

Quick and accurate
Secure and confidential
The information you need, when you need it

Exhaustive functionality and a configurable user interface provides:

Admission, discharge, transfer
Master Patient Index
Computerized Provider Order Entry
Patient demographics
Medical history
Medication and allergies
Vital signs
Supply Chain Management
Vaccination and Immunization
Laboratory test results
Reportable Illness
Program-specific monitoring/outcome forms
Threshold-based email alerting

Proven Successful: Best in the World

Processes over 1 million transactions per day
99.998% uptime since 2007
All projects delivered 100% on-time, on-budget
Relentless process improvement

Personally Empowering: Puts Your Data to Work For You

See more patients and improve health outcomes
Reduce public healthcare expenditures
Reduce time spent on menial tasks
Deliver better, safer, more efficient care


View or download the brochure here. To request an online demonstration, subscribe, or enquire about putting Populus Plus to work for your practice, contact us today.