Populus Solutions


Universal Healthcare Solutions

Scalable from GP’s to Nations

While many organisations offer services in population health, Populus offers clear evidence that health care providers can improve the health of large populations, even entire nations. Using Populus technology the government of Belize successfully transformed the health profile of their population such as reducing the impact of hypertension from 1st cause of death in 2003 to 9th by 2010.

Populus enables health care organisations the unparalleled capability to move from encounter level data collection to population health all within a single system. 


State of the art analytics:

  • Reduces disease management protocols to code
  • Link defined interventions to dynamic clocks that trigger action
    • – Operationalize the protocol
    • – Time plus 1 = Action
  • Systematic and comprehensive
    • – Eliminates therapeutic gap
  • Total Quality Disease Management

Whether we start with your legacy information or encounters that have been captured within the ground breaking Populus technology we have the proven experience to support your organisation in increasing patient access, improving health outcomes and saving money.