Empowering Healthcare Professionals

Populus platforms are designed to serve clinicians in a collaborative care setting with software that combines capacity strengthening, enlightened licensing structure, and the best of open source and leading edge, web-based technology. Highly intuitive, user-friendly, and totally turnkey, Populus software enables accurate and efficient single-instance data capture to data mining, empowering clinicians with the critical information they need, when they need it.



Electronic Health Record (EHR)

CIVIL REGISTRATION-VITAL STATISTICSThe Populus Electronic Health Record (EHR) enables patient data to be gathered and shared by various healthcare organizations and healthcare providers. It allows for online collaboration by various clinicians and staff that contributes to improved patient care and reduced cost. The Populus EHR facilitates one patient/one record and houses a comprehensive range of data from multiple care settings, including patient admission/discharge/transfer, clinical notes, demographics, information about any conditions or diseases, medications and allergies, procedure history, diagnosis, immunization status, laboratory test results, vital signs, billing information, and Master Patient Index.



Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

COE​The Populus Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a digital data-structure platform that replaces the traditional paper chart system. The Populus EMR enables a clinician to manage encounters such as inpatient, outpatient, emergency, laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy, and enter corresponding clinical details. It tracks patient care with a focus on improving health outcomes and seamlessly interoperates with the Populus Electronic Health Record (EHR).



Admission/Discharge/Transfer (ADT)

ADT​-EMROur Admission/Discharge/Transfer feature seamlessly interoperates with the Populus Electronic Medical Record (EMR). It tracks valuable administrative and operational information throughout the continuum of care, such as service, ward, room, bed, and facility transfers.




Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)

CHRONIC DISEASEOur Computerized Provider Order Entry module, also referred to as Clinician Order Entry is used to create, dispense, cancel, and administer prescriptions. It reduces the number of keystrokes by preconfiguring common prescriptions with selected preparation and dosing details for future and repeated use. A system-generated warning will alert you of a patient prescription allergy.



Scheduling and Appointments

SCHEDULINGThe Scheduling module allows clinicians to schedule patients for appointments, procedures and services. Manage bookable resources such as clinicians, rooms, and equipment to prevent overbooking and identify underbooking. Clinicians can report on missed and cancelled appointments and generate a call list for an administrator to contact upcoming appointments.



Supply Chain Management (SCM)

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENTPopulus Supply Chain Management (SCM), also referred to as Materials Management or Logistics, manages the inventory of pharmaceuticals, medical, and non-medical supplies at the facility, regional or national level. Populus SCM links prescriptions right down to the individual capsule, and vaccines right down to the dose. It has the capability to identify and alert each and every patient who received medication from specific inventory lots, and manages inventory via a first-expiry, first-out (FEFO) manner from central warehouse to ‘crash-cart’.



Reportable Diseases and Events

REPORTABLE CONDITIONSThis functionality provides a means to capture and communicate reportable diseases and events. onscreen alerts and messages are automatically triggered to a pre-configured distribution list in the event of a reportable illness or when the system recognizes a cluster.




LABORATORYOur Laboratory functionality is integrated with our Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Health Record and enables clinicians to order tests, receive notifications, and view both new and previous results fully associated with the patient record. Our Laboratory functionality is capable of interfacing with virtually all commercially available lab equipment or with existing laboratory information systems.




FINOur Finance functions are highly adaptable, allowing costs and prices to be applied to procedures, services, labs, imaging, and length of stay. Costs and prices are payer-type and product-type specific. Additionally, cost descriptors can be mapped to one-or-many procedures, services, etc., enabling a variable degree of costing/pricing resolution and ease of list maintenance. Once provided with the format and communication details, Populus can integrate with any other open system.



Human Resources (HR)

HUMAN RESOURCESOur Human Resources (HR) functionality records the complete set of health sector jobs and job placements. It manages the role-based permissions that drive our product. The system assists HR departments to administer staff, jobs, performance and disciplinary reviews, qualifications, and continuing education credits.



Vital Statistics

VITAL STATISTICSPopulus gathers data live at the time of the event. Events such as births and cause of death can be recorded, analyzed and reported on.





REPORTING​Choose from a wide variety of prebuilt reports to effectively measure interactions within our EMR and EHR. Reports range from today’s patients, inpatients by ward, pharmaceutical inventory expiration report, incidents and prevalence reports, and many more.