St. Lucia


Customer: The Government of St. Lucia, with the support of the World Bank



In October, 2006, Populus was asked to power St. Lucia’s new national Health Information System, complete with World Health Organization-compliant HIV system, and specifically:

1) Configure Populus Global for St. Lucian requirements.

2) Install the Populus St. Lucia Health Information System at five facilities.

3) Provide capacity strengthening training to a local St. Lucian team to enable it to perform all remaining installations and end-user training.



Populus completed the capacity strengthening training within 6 weeks of contracting. The first modules of Populus St. Lucia were installed within 8 weeks of contracting, and these modules were installed to the five selected facilities by January 31, 2007. All Populus-St. Lucia modules were installed in summer 2007.



While the Belizean project proved that a national Health Information System can be installed and withstand the special constraints of a developing nation, the St. Lucian project demonstrated that this success is repeatable in a short time frame.


“…great success not only in terms of cost reduction but also in the greater efficiency it brings in the delivery of healthcare.”

Ishmael Lightbourne, Executive Director (Alternate) World Bank


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