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Populus technology is universally recognized as a pillar of reform in healthcare information systems. Browse our case studies to see how Populus continuously proves that technology, when applied with humanity, has the power to save lives, save money, and strengthen healthcare systems worldwide.


Press & Testimonials

Our outstanding results in Belize helped put the Populus technology on the global healthcare radar. Read what some of the world’s most respected organizations and medical journals have to say about our systems, practices, and results.


“Decline in mortality with the Belize Integrated Patient-Centred Country Wide Health Information System (BHIS) with Embedded Program Management.”

International Journal of Medical Informatics

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“Seeing is Belizing”

Canadian Medical Association Journal

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“Although Belize had a very rudimentary, paper-based Health Information System as recently as 2004, today it has perhaps the most comprehensive nationwide Health Information System (HIS) in the World.”

Health Information Systems in Developing Countries: A Landscape Analysis (May 2009) Vital Wave Consulting (CA, USA) Commissioned by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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“Exceeding all expectations, Belize achieved Millennium Development Goal 5A in 2011, with a reduction in the maternal mortality ratio of well over three quarters. The drop in maternal mortality ratio was temporally associated with the introduction of the BHIS and its embedded maternal health domain. BHIS data were used aggressively to monitor and continuously improve maternal health care.”

Achievement of the 2015 Millennium Development Goal 5A (Maternal Mortality) by Belize in 2011
Journal Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada, October 2012

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“By 2009, the positive impact of the Belize Health Information System could be seen in the improved health of the population…the new system enabled better patient care and follow-up at clinic level, reducing hospital stays and the associated costs.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) Health Metrics Network 2008/2009 Biennial Report

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“New Brunswick firm helps reform Belize’s health care”

Globe and Mail

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“True Stories: Health Care’s Epic Fail”

Readers Digest

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“Canadian EMR saves lives in Belize”

Technology for Doctors Online

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“The interconnectivity between the mainland and the islets of the Grenadines and the rural areas within the entire country has greatly enhanced healthcare delivery and is one of the major achievements of the project.”

Shirla Francis, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment St. Vincent and the Grenadines


“…great success not only in terms of cost reduction but also in the greater efficiency it brings in the delivery of healthcare.”

Ishmael Lightbourne, Executive Director (Alternate) World Bank (speaking about St. Lucia)